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WheelyMan The WheelyMan gifting project is an art project that has evolved over numerous years at Burning Man. I am a goldsmith (objectdesignstudio.com) and my longtime friend and creative collaborator, Les Seymour, is an artist/muralist (muralarts.com). As professional artists Burning Man has given us a place to share the experience of art for art's sake; free from the business of commissions and monetary influence. As our participation in Burning Man has increased over the years, we have seen the need to develop a gifting project that inspires people to access and describe why they are there to participate. Some of the stories have been very poignant: One woman I met told me that she had very serious cancer and was on the Playa to show the Universe that it could not beat her, that she would live life fully despite the cancer. She was over 70 years old. A young couple was verbally fighting on the Playa. I begged to intrude to present each of them with a WheelyMan pendant and reminded them that life is short. They cried and hugged me. As I rode off they were locked in a fabulous embrace Burning Man teaches us that the value of art as a gift is higher than art as a commodity. Art and art history have always been a dominate force in our lives. The current Wheely Man is a synthesis of Da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man and a Burning Man riding a wheel. During the 1400’s there was an attempt to illustrate the divinity of mankind by showing how the human form could be inscribed into a circle and a square. We think that divinity can also be found in the artistic expression and mobility found on the Playa. What better way to celebrate this concept then by gifting a kinetic piece of art as pendant!

Link http://objectdesignstudio.com | http://muralarts.com


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