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My Story

I went to Burning Man for the first time in 2005. One of my best friends, Kathleen Cohen/ Apples who had been going for years, got me a ticket. She told me about the idea of 'Gifting' something handmade. In the outside world, I sculpt Toys and Belt Buckles. So a medallion seemed perfect. We had 2 months to create it. When our tickets arrived, I thought the design on the ticket would make a great front side of the medallion. So, I hand sculpted one side of the 3" piece in a special wax. Kathleen came up with the idea of the 'Alien wearing a man suit on the Playa' for the backside and viola! The medallion was complete. I ended up casting 100 medallions in cast resin and painting them to look bronze...Adding a piece of leather rawhide for a necklace. I also cast 6 white bronze medallions. (pictured) I had a beautiful time that year on the Playa and I was overwhelmed by the gratitude when I handed someone a medallion. "I can keep this?" was the most common question...Love!

Link http://www.DeniseSaffren.com


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