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Burning Jewelry: My 8th grade boyfriend and I reconnected after 35 years. He is woodworker, I am a jeweler. We are both teachers, authors and now best friends. We talked about Burning Man and my desire to visit, and in 2006, I experienced my virgin year. "Gifting to BRC is an important part of your experience here", he said and I came up with the idea of the resin inlay project using themed bronze pendants which has been a part of Burning Man since my first year. I loved it and never looked back.

In 2008, Paul's Mom passed away and Paul could not attend the Burn. We brought our theme camp's pendant, a horseshoe crab, created by Sumner Silverman, honoring Evolution to the Temple with a letter from Paul. We hung the pendant in a tiny crevice along with the note, said our tearful goodbyes. We watched The Temple burned and carry our memories and love to the sky.

The following year, Metropolis, a BR Citizen, Josh from the UK was riding his bike on the Playa and came across our camp's art car, the Limulus Polyphemus. He pedaled up to the driver and inquired about the car's shape, a horseshoe crab. Looking at the drivers he saw pendants that hung from their necks. Josh dug out his pendant and told his story. After the Temple burned, while gleaning through ashes, he found this little pendant of a horseshoe crab and put it around his neck. Josh said, "it was just sitting there, intact, with some black char along the critter's spine." Hard to believe that it survived the heat of the Temple burn which can exceed 4,000F.

My friends told him of the story of the memorial pendant that was hung at the Temple the year before. Josh followed our art car back to our camp. He told the story to me and I was stunned. Paul had just entered the tent. Josh took off his pendant, after wearing it for a year and gave it back to Paul. "Here he said, you need this back, and so does your Mom." There were 55,000 people attending Burning Man that year. Imagine the odds.

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