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It was the end of a mid-week night in 2004 and I had just stopped at a corner burn barrel not far from my camp to watch the sun come up. I was alone after an incredible night of serendipity and playa magic which began inauspiciously when I was stood up by my new playa paramour. Down the road comes walking this tall young man and he stops to warm his hands and join me in watching the sunrise. We get into a long conversation about breakfast foods. What we like to eat, what we're hungry for right now, the most unusual thing we've ever eaten for breakfast. You know, lovely chit-chat that you have with strangers who you treat like long lost family and friends because well, you're at Burning Man. He tells me that his name is Colin, he's from Toronto and this is his first time at Burning Man. He's a jewelry artist who came to BRC thinking that there would be lots of collaborative opportunities to make jewelry with other people. He said he was kind of disappointed that it wasn't turning out to be like that but he loved that he was getting to interact with a lot of other art in different ways and then he pulled out a fabric necklace roll from his backpack to show me what he made. There were about five beautiful pieces of copper wire work with found objects and leather that I just loved. He told me I could have whichever one I wanted and to pick one. I picked this one and it's one of my favorite pieces of jewelry and I wear it all the time in the default world. I always remember this moment whenever I put it on.

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