My Story

The desire to make a gift for Burning Man manifested itself over several years going to the event. After going through a bad divorce, I lost my faith on the intrinsic value of the human race. I wasn’t sure I wanted to interact with others more than in a superficial way ever again. The interactions I witnessed at Burning Man helped move me past those feeling and helped me see some good in people again. In my own little way, I wanted to give back to the community that helped me through a bad time in my life. Each time I gifted one of these necklaces, it helps me release the past and move on to a more positive future. The design starts with me pondering the year’s theme for a few weeks. I’d sketch many designs in a paper notebook followed by the convergence into a single design with multiple iterations. This design would be converted to CAD with some small changes for manufacturability, cost, and safety to the wearer. The necklaces are made out of steel (or stainless steel). All the necklaces are laser cut and finished on a milling machine to round out edges. The next step is to powder coat, sometime in a few different colors. Tying the black cotton cord for the necklaces is the final process and is time consuming. It is a good time to have friends to help.


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