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I started making the pendants back in 2000 as a way to bring me back to the playa when I was in the "default" world. It was a perfect reminder of the personal change I went through plus a great way to share the love of the playa with friends. The pendants almost had a genie lamp effect when I ran into people in my home town who were wearing them. We would instantly talk about our experiences and love for the playa and I am still friends with those people today. I first made them out of mild soft steel which gave it a soft dark grey feel and then began to plate them to make them different from the years before. Before finally finding the perfect medium,stainless steel, I use to plate them in platinum, silver and even ruthenium. Every year, not only would I make enough for me to hand out but I made ample amount for my camp-mates to hand out as well. The only request was to experience a good story of out it. And through the amazing stories I've heard, sometimes I think I should've made more. I still make pendants to this day but of a different nature.

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