Oasis 47

Oasis 47: The Pendant Project

Oasis 47 is in the Hive Village located at 7:00 & Esplanade.  There is public frontage on the 7:00 radius and the entrance to the pendant classroom will be visible from there.

camels desert

Oasis 47 is a diverse community of goldsmiths, engineers, fire spinners, and glass blowers. Since 2006, we have taught BRC Citizens how to embellish with color and texture, their own themed pendant which they can make and wear. 

Our mission is education, relaxation and a resting place for weary travelers on their journey visiting the playa. We welcome all who require a cold beverage to quench parched throats, a chair to rest weary legs and those who seek shade from the desert heat. Oasis 47 is a place of refuge to regenerate one’s soul to continue their trek to other magical places on the playa.

Offerings at Oasis 47

The Oasis 47 Pendant Project

This has been the focus of our camp since 2006. Visitors embellish a unique one of a kind, theme related bronze pendant using two part resin, with spices and exotic pigments from the earth of Italy or ashes from a loved one. First meticulously carved in wax by your teacher, Sumner Silverman aka Pan, and then cast in bronze, you fill the cavities or cloisonne's with two part resin and the color and texture of your choice. 

Resin filled Horseshoe Crab Pendants 2009 Evolution

DSC 0061 

For 2017 We hold classes at our camp on the following days:

Wednesday: 11am12pm1pm

Thursday11am and 12pm

Classes are one hour long.

We supply all the pigments, resin, and cord for hanging.

Signups are at the camp. Be On Time!

Teaching in our Tent!
fullsizeoutput 120b 
DSC 0075
2009 Evolution: The Limulus polyphemus (Horseshoe crab) Front

Zoroastrian Angel in Wax

Bronze Front and back
fullsizeoutput 199a
IMG 6819
IMG 6821