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Laser Cut Pop out Rings

Designed for a larger sculpture for Burning Man’s 2015, Carnival of Mirrors, these laser cut rings allowed for little Playa gifts. At our theme camp, Oasis 47, a large archway filled with laser cut panels, allowed BRC Citizens to take away their own piece of jewelry. It was fun to hear them pop out and to watch folks place them on their finger. I think there was at least three marriage proposals!

Serious Soldering for Metalsmiths

April 1-2


Good soldering is the mark of a professional. For students with basic skills, dig deep into all the specifics: gasses (propane, acetylene, and natural gas,) joints (T, butt, curved,) styles of soldering (sweat, chip, stick,) how to use a pick, fussy fittings, and all your questions. No topic will be left uncovered. Plus, discuss how to set up a solder station at home. Get serious about solder!