Serious Soldering for Metalsmiths

April 1-2


Good soldering is the mark of a professional. For students with basic skills, dig deep into all the specifics: gasses (propane, acetylene, and natural gas,) joints (T, butt, curved,) styles of soldering (sweat, chip, stick,) how to use a pick, fussy fittings, and all your questions. No topic will be left uncovered. Plus, discuss how to set up a solder station at home. Get serious about solder!



Surface Design for Metalsmiths

June 9-11


Move beyond the shiny surface with texture and layers that add depth, intrigue, and meaning to works in metal. Learn acid etching with ferric chloride, explore the power of common hardware hammers, and push the limits of what a rolling mill can do. Build a library of samples and discover how to mix and match patterns, patina, and text to express a unique voice in metal fabrication. All levels.

June 9-11