Update #18: Rewards and Where in the World is Jewelry of Burning Man?

Reward Pendants Have Shipped

All 362 pendants have shipped! Missing yours? Contact me ASAP! A few strays didn't make their intended destination. No worries, I got ya covered. 

Where in the World is Jewelry of Burning Man?

Many of you have asked, so where is the book? We are in the final phase of the book process. The printer in Hong Kong is sending us five advance copies in the first week of April. This is the last stage of where we make sure that pages aren't upside down, backwards and the colors are correct. Once we approve of this copy, then we pull the trigger for 2500. The order is 6 pallets large equalling 250 cases of books. That's a lot of books! Originally bound for Oakland, negotiations in an almost catastrophic dockworkers strike has backlogged the ports up and down the West Coast. Estimates on customs and processing would have delayed delivery for another month. Therefore, I opted to have the boat point to Boston. They are due to hit the East Coast on May 26th. The other issue was where will all these books live? Our uber jewelry caster, RaceCar Jewelry offered them all a home in his casting facility. As soon as they arrive, I will set up shop and begin shipping immediately.

Backlog of containers on West Coast
Backlog of containers on West Coast


On behalf of LadyBee, George and myself, thank you for hanging in there. We are on the home stretch.