In college, one of my metalsmithing assignments was to utilize photoetching. It’s a process that I continue to love and teach and to continue exploring. I  marvel with the serendipity of how metal etches, and the textures that is produced. One feature of etching is the ability to roller-print from the original etch, creating a book end effect. No two pieces ever look the same.

In an article from Ganoksin.com, I outline the entire process so anyone can discover etching on their own.


Death and Taxes

Death and Taxes

Running a small business is challenging. From small one person do all craft shops to brick and mortar, balancing your life with accountants, technology and the IRS watching every penny you earn is a continuous marathon of chasing paper and numbers. Recently I published a book. I’ve had a blast visiting bookstores, conventions, museums and maker spaces, showing my beautiful jewelry book about Burning Man to passionate and enthusiastic folks. To my horror, I realized that collecting taxes in all these states was necessary. Searching through various government databases is... well... tedious. A root canal is more fun. Daunted by this task, I enlisted my CPA, Rich Streitfeld. He actually likes crunching numbers and as it turns out, really good at isolating the exact tax links necessary to make artists and writers and sellers life easier. Thanks Rich! Now I get to share them with you!

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Tax permit links from Rich Streitfeld

NEW YORK: You have to apply for a “Certificate of Authority” to collect sales tax

The instructions are:

  • Go to NY License Center and click on Businesses :
  • Log in or create an account
  • Select Apply now for a new license or permit
  • Search for Application for a Certificate of Authority

There is more information here.


You apply for a sales tax here, it looks like online registration is possible.

Here is the check list. that was found here.

Before receiving a permit

  • You must provide the following to receive a Seller's Permit:
  • Your social security number (corporate officers excluded)
  • Your date of birth
  • Your driver license number, state ID number, or other ID (e.g., passport, military ID)
  • Names and location of banks where you have an account
  • Names and addresses of suppliers
  • Name and address of bookkeeper or accountant
  • Name and address of personal references
  • Expected average monthly sales and the amount of those sales which are taxable
  • Your email address
  • If you have purchased an existing business, you must also provide the previous permit information

Partners, corporate officers, limited liability company managers/members/officers, must also provide information

“Start or Register A Business” top right under Online Services

Rhode Island – on-line link:https://www.ri.gov/taxation/BAR/  Go to bottom “Begin”

Maine – on-line link:https://www.maine.gov/cgi-bin/online/suwtaxreg/index  Go to bottom “Get started now”  

Mass – on-line link. Top left “Register Now”Top left “Register Now”

CT.  Register for a Certificate of Authority using Form  REG-1.  

Probably check off first option (for reason b) and continue to create an account. 


Mosiac Hallmarks in Knife Handles

Mosiac Hallmarks in Knife Handles

 Knife makers create a distinctive pattern in the handles of their knives. These patterns are called "mosaics" and are made up of square and round metal tubing and rods of different sizes and thicknesses. The combinations are endless and each pattern is the makers mark. Here is a little video on the process.