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Jewelry of the Playa Kickstarter #3: Past the Halfway Mark!

Over 50% Funded

A flurry of recent backer activity has pushed us well over 50% funded! We are now up to $8,355 with 93 amazing, talented, lovely, intelligent, wonderful backers! 
I am off to the SNAG (Society of North American Goldsmiths) Conference this weekend in Minneapolis. While there, I will learn more about metal smithing and jewelry techniques and share this project with other jewelers. I will also get a chance to meet with Rich Youmans, Chief Communications Officer and Publisher of MJSA. Rich is interested in talking about me, my book, and the makerspace Artisan's Asylum I am actively involved in.

Love and Gratitude,

Karen Christians

People of the Jewelry of the Playa: Sumner Silverman

Many people have been and are currently involved in making Jewelry of the Playa a reality. I would like to take the time to identify individually and thank them individually
Today I would like to recognize Sumner Silverman. Sumner is a self-taught master sculptor and carver of lost wax techniques in bronze and sterling jewelry. Sumner, Karen and friends have cast, polished, and strung thousands of Burning Man pendants from his designs--and given them all away. Sumner is responsible for making many of the pendant rewards, see below, that go along with the Kickstarter. Please take a moment to visit his page and learn more about his work at http://szsart.com/

Horseshoe Crab (Limulus polyphemus) Burning Man 2009 | Evolution

Horseshoe Crab Pendent in Bronze: Back and Front
Horseshoe Crab Pendent in Bronze: Back and Front

Commonly called the Horseshoe Crab it is closely related to spiders ticks and scorpions. It does not bite humans. It is very old, their relatives have change little in their 450 million years on earth. Evolution goes so slowly and we deplete our earth so very quickly, I present this creature as a reminder of the passage of time.

Erotix Burning Man 2010 | Metropolis

Erotix Pendant in Bronze: Back and Front
Erotix Pendant in Bronze: Back and Front

Our world moves inexorably toward one big city. By the year 2050 we may have 75% of our world population in cities. The 2009 theme, Metropolis, inspired this pendant drawn from Fritz Lang's movie of the same name. Erotix is an ode to Maria, the kick-ass robot that ran the Metropolis. On the obverse is yet another iteration of the Burning Man.

Phoenix Rising Burning Man 2011 | Rites of Passage

Phoenix Pendant in Bronze: Back and Front
Phoenix Pendant in Bronze: Back and Front

Associated with the sun, a phoenix obtains new life by arising from the ashes of its predecessor. Found in the mythology of both the east and west, it is the perfect symbol of transformation. Burning Man is the quest for transformation of self and society. This is a bird with attitude! The obverse is flames.

Jewelry of the Playa Kickstarter Update #2: Week 1

Week 1

Wow, what a first week! The show of support has been amazing. We have raised $5,760 via 74 backers. That is 33% in just seven short days. The Kickstarter is going great, but it isn't over yet, we still need to raise that last two thirds. So tell your friends to check out this project. We still have a lot of great rewards and early bird specials still available.


For the last week, I have watched Tweets, Shares, Likes and Enthusiasm. Kickstarter just added this project to their Favorites. Yay! Once George and LadyBee landed back in California, they have been busy reaching out and finding undiscovered jewelry. Our jewelry archive is picking up speed with submissions of fabulous work.

 See the live submissions at http://karenchristians.com/index.php/playa-jewel or even better submit your own!

You can also follow this project at 

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PlayaJewel
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Cleverwerx

Get Involved

Jewelry of the Playa isn’t just a book, it is a living archive of meaningful gifts from the playa. Do you have a story or a cool piece of jewelry from Burning Man, if so, we would like to hear from you! We are accepting submissions for the book until JULY 1, 2014. Visit http://karenchristians.com/index.php/playa-jewel/playa-jewel-submission to upload your own story and photo, or here http://karenchristians.com/ to learn more about the whole project.


Karen Christians