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LadyBee's Article in The Jack Rabbit Speaks


The Jewelry of the Playa


LadyBee writes:

"The Jewelry of the Playa: Extraordinary stories and pictures about jewelry and the culture of collecting, making and gifting at Burning Man.

Boston jewelry maker and teacher Karen Christians has teamed up with former Burning Man art curator LadyBee and photographer George Post to create a book about the jewelry gifted at Burning Man.

Playa jewelry, dating back to 1996, includes a wide range of styles, techniques and materials, and represents annual themes, art installations, theme camps, staff departments, events, and the overall culture of Burning Man. The book features 20 years of playa jewelry, its makers and stories.

The book will be self-published, and the team has launched a Kickstarter campaign to help make that happen. Please take a look!"

The People of Jewelry of the Playa: George Post

George Post is the co-author and photographer for the book.

George Post   
George Post

A freelance photographer, writer, and teacher, George Post has made photography his lifelong passion. George is one of the premier photographers of fine arts, crafts and jewelry in the US. After a life-changing expedition to Burning Man in 1979, he published a book on it in 2012 called “Dancing with the Playa Messiah,” containing photos spanning the period from 1991 to 2011. George has returned to Black Rock City every year since then to photograph the people, art, fire, and the magical desert light that make Burning Man a unique world-class event.

The People of Jewelry of the Playa: Christine Kristen aka LadyBee

LadyBee is a co-author of the book and is helping make it possible by sharing her huge personal collection of Burning Man jewelery.

Lady Bee   
Lady Bee

Lady Bee is a former sculptor and jeweler turned art curator and facilitator. She worked as Art Curator for Burning Man from 1999 through 2008, and currently manages their art collection and helps with the Archives. She first went to Burning Man in 1995, and was attracted to the art, created in a community-based, collaborative and interactive environment existing outside the mainstream art world. She began collecting playa jewelry in 1996 and now has its largest existing archive.