Do you love Jewelry?

Me too. You might say, I’m a jewelry evangelist. I have a passion for teaching others, so much that I built the school, Metalwerx and then the Artisan’s Asylum Jewelry Studio. I teach workshops all over the US. What will you find here on my blog? Look for cool stories of jewelry and tips, photography, cooking, jewelry fabrication, travel and books. This blog is about what makes me tick and the cool stuff that’s out in the world.



We are heading towards the finish line. 3 DAYS LEFT and your last chance for pendants and a book. There are still options to own Jewelry of the Playa for $40. It's not over yet and every little bit allows us to print a few more books. 

Getting married soon? How about a diamond? Our final reward tier will allow you to have a conflict free, lab grown faceted 1/4kt diamond in fire red from the collected ashes of the Temple or the Man from years 2006-2013. Imagine, the energy of Burning Man on your hand. The rarest diamond you will ever find.  I'll even set it for you. 

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YOU have made my day...every day. Reading supportive messages that land in my mailbox by the hour, has brought a tear to my eye. Thank you all for your support. I am DEEPLY grateful for your stories of the playa. LadyBee, George and myself are thrilled to find new work outside of the collection which we are adding to the book. Why did I decide to write a book about jewelry? A piece from the jewelry of Burning Man said it all.

One of our students from Oasis 47 contacted me, excited to have found this book after embellishing a pendant in our tent. Thought you would like to see a picture of us in our teaching tent.


Another book landed in my mailbox. Support for our book comes from another running their project. I'm pleased to support Caleb Prochnow: Design Unscripted by 

Over 25 artists have joined forces to share an art book with a fun, fresh, and diverse collection of visual development!


With love and gratitude,


Jewelry of the Playa Kickstarter #5: Funded!


At approximately 4 pm today The Jewelry of the Playa Kickstarter became reached its goal. Over $15,000 dollars with 199 backers! On behalf of LadyBee and George, we are overwhelmed with gratitude by your support.

However, it's not over yet. We have five days of funding left. $15K is an amazing amount to have raised, but we can still increase the impact of this project with more backers.

New Reward Tiers

Many of you requested reward tiers that include more than one book. We have heard and we have listened! We have added 3 reward packages, a two pack, a three pack, and a pentacle of books. Now you can get a book for yourself and that special burner in your life.

Over the Weekend

Wow, what a weekend! We zoomed towards our goal with the gracious support of munificent backers! Thanks so much! Last weekend, I was in New York for the Kickstarter Block Party and the Five Boro Bike Ride. Forty Five miles through five boros of NYC with 35,000 of my closest friends. It was a wonderful day of traveling on roads that I would never be able to access. Kind of cool riding on the lower deck of the Verrazano Narrows Bridge and through Harlem, the Bronx, Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens. 

A perk of the weekend was attending the Kickstarter Block Party in Brooklyn. There were 25 booths of funded projects and it was great to see the diversity that Kickstarter has assisted in helping them get funded. I found the Kickstarter booth and relayed my excitement of our book. Turned out, the very woman I spoke to, Margot Atwell from Kickstarter, (in the middle), was the person who approved our project. Yay! Thank you Margot!

Love and Gratitude,

Karen Christians

Jewelry of the Playa Kickstarter #4: To SNAG and Beyond!

Over 60% Funded

We have passed $9000! Thank you to that special backer who saw us sitting at $8995 and upped their donation by $5!


Look for a special update later this week to learn more about the two co-authors on this project: LadyBee (Christine Kristen) and George Post. Without whose help and support this project would be impossible.


This past weekend, I attended the Society of North American Goldsmiths (SNAG) annual conference in Minneapolis, MN reconnecting with my jewelry peeps. A small collection of jewelry from the book was on display and many attendees talked about the uniqueness of design and fabrication styles. Fifteen people have pledged their backing. Thank you SNAG folks!

I made some great personal connections at the conference. I am pleased to announce that Charon Kransen Arts will be selling our books through his vast network of prestigious art fairs such as ACC (American Craft Council), Smithsonian Craft Show, Contemporary Craft Fair and more. Charon Kransen specializes in the most specialized resource for books and exhibition catalogs ( often hard to find, often out of print ) on jewelry ( historical, ethnic, technical and contemporary), metal and design from around the world. You can find Charon here: Charon Kransen Arts http://www.charonkransenarts.com/

Ivan Barnett from Patina Gallery in Sante Fe, NM has agreed to host an exhibition of Jewelry of the Playa for 2015. Patina Gallery link is here: http://www.patina-gallery.com/

Carolyn Benesh, Co-Editor of Ornament Magazine stopped by and we are in discussion with an article next year when the book is published. http://www.ornamentmagazine.com/. She commented favorably on the ethnographic sensibility of the work.